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Our Turmeric and Honey Soap, scented with invigorating Lemon! This soap combines the goodness of natural turmeric, soothing honey, and refreshing lemon fragrance to provide a luxurious experience.


This soap is formulated with the perfect blend of turmeric powder & raw honey to help with uneven skin tone, blemishes , inflammation, and also protect against environmental damage

Our Turmeric & Honey soap is great for skin types and is gentle enough for sensitive skin. This soap is can be used as a face soap or body soap

Soap Bar does not stain.


  • To use, simply wet your skin, lather the soap, and gently massage it onto your body. Enjoy the refreshing aroma as the soap creates a rich, creamy lather that cleanses away impurities. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry for beautifully refreshed skin.

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