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My name is Martina Snyder

I'm a first generation beekeeper hailing from the island of Jamaica, dedicated to saving the bees and providing natural skincare solutions. All products are handmade by me using bee ingredients harvest from my onsite apiary. 

Join the hive & Shop natural!


Power Of Beeswax & Honey!

Bee-Youtiful Beauties was built with the mission to provide quality natural skin products and fresh exquisite honey at the most affordable prices, while preserving and educating of the importance of honey bees and all other bees everywhere. 
Honey Bees are vital pollinators who has been known for the traditional medicine provided from their by-products such as Beeswax, Honey, Propolis, Venom & Pollen.

As company we are dedicated to bringing awareness of these benefits through our platforms and also in the incorporation of these ingredients in our natural products.


Bee-Youtiful Beauties is bee-based skincare brand guarantee to help you revive the lost glow of your skin using all natural bee-based ingredients such as honey, beeswax, pollen and propolis that are safe and beneficial for you and your skin. 

We vow to provide only the finest in quality for each and every product while exceeding your expectations with our services and our supreme product line without putting a dent in your pocket.


Facial Care

Word from the Hive

I love the smell of my scrub but vanilla is my favorite. I am getting a body butter next!


Bought was Wildflower Honey from the Market and it tasted so fresh and amazing!

Fairy Dust

I cannot wait for you to get more of your body better made. I am going through menopause and noticed a lot of changes in my skin being very dry. After using your body butter for just a few days, there is no more crepe looking skin! I love to use it every day and it melts effortlessly into my skin and my skin just drinks it up, thank you for making such a cool and useful product. Please let me know when it is back in stock!


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