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Our Story


In 2020, we embarked on a thoughtful journey to assist individuals locally and internationally in regaining confidence in their natural skin. Bee-Youtiful Beauties, a women-owned and women-led brand led by Martina Snyder, a passionate young beekeeper based in Florida, is committed to offering effective natural solutions for all skin types!

Martina personally owns and operates her apiary, ensuring the ethical harvesting of bee ingredients. All ingredients undergo meticulous quality control procedures before being used.

Our mission is to deliver unparalleled-quality natural products while promoting and honoring the immense significance of bees.

Join our community and indulge in the luxurious experience of our enhanced collections.

Remember, embrace your natural beauty and be yourself, just like the bees!



The Lady Behind the Bees

From being owned by a first-generation beekeeper whose passion revolves around the science of bees to the creation of high-quality honey-based products, Bee-youtiful Beauties is an eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and all-natural brand here to fulfill your natural desires. Led by Martina Snyder.

Hi There, My name is Martina Snyder, the owner and beekeeper of Bee-Youtiful Beauties. I started my business three years ago after falling in love with our amazing fuzzy friends. I grew up in the Caribbean, where I learned most of my natural and homemade remedies. I was always a skincare fanatic, but on the simpler side of it, I enjoyed simple, natural products that worked.

After migrating, I had the opportunity to help a friend diagnosed with Lyme disease on her Bee Venom Treatment Session. This was a fascinating experience and also what motivated me to dig deeper into the world of bees. I started making my own skincare products (Honey Soap and Scrubs). After seeing and feeling the benefits, I decided I wanted to share them with the world, so Bee-Youtiful Beauties was launched.

With Bee-youtiful Beauties, you can expect nothing less than the best each time you order. All products are handmade by me using bee ingredients from my on-site apiary. 

We aim to keep you BEE-Youtifully You!

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